Top 5 benefits of Freight Audit

Rolf Bax

Rolf Bax

Juni 12, 2019 - 11:59

1 - Reducing expenses

The most well-known benefit of Freight Audit services is their capacity to reduce logistical expenses by preventing overbilling and other financial discrepancies.

Billing inaccuracies appear quite (too) often in logistics. This happens due to the complexity of logistical operations, rates and contracts, involvement of numerous carrier companies, unforeseen shipping circumstances, human error and many more factors. Some businesses never even find out that they are overbilled on a consistent basis. Others simply see these negative issues as “the cost of doing business” when shipping goods. However, with an expert Freight Audit provider, this cost can be considerably reduced, saving your company a sizeable amount of resources. There’s no reason to settle for less. After all, funds saved on logistics can be redirected to other important goals.

2 -  Data insights and analytics

High-tech Freight Audit companies are data driven and go deep into logistical data to provide their clients with analysis and understanding of their own operations.

With the right Freight Audit provider, you can go beyond the basics: service providers that employ technology and software can track and process large amounts of logistics data. Through IT and human analytics, this data can show previously invisible patterns: answers to old issues, paths towards optimization, new logistical opportunities and more. The universal value of information (as well as the ability to analyze it) has proven to be one of the most important factors for the success of large companies in the modern world. Having the power of actionable information at your fingertips is a significant benefit.

3 - Clarity and support

A competent Freight Audit company (if provided with the right input data) can become your strongest ally in removing confusion and chaos from your logistical operation. With expert auditors and IT-powered solutions on your side, understanding and simplifying “the big picture” becomes easier. Following this idea, a great Freight Audit provider can act as your business advisor in the logistical world, showing paths to improve, optimize and save costs where previously they were not visible.

A solid understanding of the intricacies of your business (and its logistical side) is a necessary prerequisite for crisis management and resistance, company growth, solidifying your position in various regions and more. With the ideal Freight Audit setup, the monumental task of gaining this understanding doesn’t have to fall on your shoulders. It can be done by experienced auditors and proprietary software.

4 - Saving time and focus

Time and attention have always been among the most valuable resources for businesses and individuals. Expert Freight Auditing services can protect your time and your focus.

Your company has its own unique experience, skillset, advantages and strengths. You are a key player in the field and you know what you’re good at. The best application of time for your employees and managers is in the area where they excel, not bogged down in confusing issues of overbilling, claims for additional expenses (which may or may not be justified) and shipping rate intricacies.

Freight Audit companies focus entirely on logistical auditing, which means they are best equipped to handle this area, conserving the valuable time of your managers and specialists. Every hour your employees are saved from dealing with a complicated billing situation is more time they can spend doing business and generating profit.

5 - A custom-tailored approach.

The mark of a truly client-oriented service provider is the ability to adjust to the customers’ needs. This is what differentiates good Freight Audit companies from great ones. Therefore, while custom-tailored solutions require both technologically advanced tools and highly trained employees, the upside is well worth the effort.

Logistics is an area where operations differ greatly from company to company, from market to market, from region to region. The ability to offer custom solutions to clients is what drives effectiveness, reduces expenses and provides high-level data insights where needed. Every business is unique, consequently, the approach to empowering it and optimizing its operations should be unique as well.

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